VAPE TC Motar Atomizer Tank Wax Vape Kit Quartz Coilless glass mouthpiece Heating


  • $29.99

Quartz nails Wax Burner are now becoming the preferred method of dabbing, especially among flavor chasers because quartz is much more durable than ceramic. 
The jury is still out on which one has better flavor; it may just come down to individual preference. They're very close.
The VAPETC Motar Dab Rig It's the higher grade portable wax vaporizer used on a mod battery, 30-45W can give a pretty good clean cloud. 
The smaller dome shape enables you to bring it anywhere on travel.

1. Loveable Big Wickless Quartz Chamber, Collect big load, No spill out
2. The taste is very clean
3. Powerful Heat, Getting red in seconds. support 20-40W mod battery
4. Fit 22mm Diameter Water rigs, portable and universal
5. A complete One-piece heating chamber sits above new powerful Motar heating element,
Your wax contacts no wicks, no coils, only the flat quartz bottom.
Non-polluted vapor is produced hence. Achieving high temperatures of 300-500 degrees in seconds.

What you will get
1 x Glass Cap with Mouthpiece

1 x Quartz Coilless Atomizer

1 x Dabber Tool

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